- click this link and see my Video .. Vote for me folks !


Click this link and vote for me folks !

Click above and Subscribe to this Youtube channel folks.. it’s Dedicated to my Medici Project. All tracks available plus a Music video- All from Medici. - Enjoy. You Sonix/SOS  

Listen/download: 12 Time 4 Mind by Blasfima Sinna - Get Some of this in your System - Courtesy of You Sonix Records.

My Latest music Viddy.. From The Medici Project.

Track is called ”Kiddin Ya Self”

Filmed and Edited by InkeyTV 

Produced by Cosimo

-my new track ”Trouble” featuring Megan Tait and produced by Konnsky is available on Spotify .. along with a couple dozen other tracks I’ve released over the past few years - check it out peeps..

”Persistence” Filmed by TDSLR . Produced by Konnsky. Cuts by DJ U-Turn. Written by Blasfima Sinna- You Sonix Records 2013.

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one of the best tracks I worked on in 2013 -